The Du Bois Fraction Club uses running, music, games and enthusiastic college students to make math fun and give students a natural feel for fractions. Children who love math, learn math.

Fraction Club makes math fun even for math-phobic children.

Math is fun for a child when she is able to solve a challenge that she did not expect to be able to solve. Fear of failure makes many children reluctant to dive fully into math challenges. Yet forcing children to tackle a challenge is difficult and won’t help them enjoy math. The Du Bois Project uses running and simple psychology to induce children to attack math challenges. By presenting challenges that are at their level and offering praise when they complete a challenge, we make math fun for them and start a virtuous cycle of accomplishment -> satisfaction and self confidence -> harder challenges -> greater accomplishment.

The volunteer time commitments for the Spring 2018 Fraction Clubs are: 

  • Wednesdays 12:30 – 3:00 PM: Second graders at Eastwood School (a block past Tank on East College Street) – We could use help from 1:20 – 3:00 PM if you can make it for the whole time.
  • Thursdays 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM:After school program at the Boys and Girls Club (across the street from Keep)
  • Fridays 1:20 – 3:50 PM: Third graders at Prospect School (1.5 blocks West of Harkness)

For more information call or text the director, Ken Stanley, at 440 240 49045 or e-mail



The Du Bois Fraction Club is motivated by and heavily influenced by the National Science Foundation Funded Rational Number Project.